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About Sapporo Education Consultancy

Welcome to Sapporo

SAPPORO International is a well-known and unique educational consultancy and language school in Kathmandu, registered under the Act of Nepal Government. It is a leading institution which provides Japanese language trainings, consultancy service for students willing to go to Japan for their destination of higher education.

Moreover, we are committed to provide quality education to all the learners under the close supervision of highly qualified and experienced teaching faculty so that they can interact with Japanese people without any failure and can adjust well in the Japanese society.Japan, the country of technologies and opportunities is gaining popularity for higher studies among Nepalese Students.Considering the needs of students, we are conducting language classes, university application process, VISA documentation and other necessary consultancy support to study in Japan.

Our Service

Study in Japan

Career Counselling

We the Sapporo education consultancy provides you the individual career counseling classes by the expertise. We hire the expertise and provide counseling classes weekly as we care about the individual’s students who prefers us and believe us for their better future. We provide counseling class by the Japanese expertise who has been in abroad from long time. We don’t provide only counseling we provide career guidance, moral Support and exploring the solutions for the problems of students and find the resources to solve the problems. We also provides the career development classes too.

Visa services

We know our students face problems while applying for the visa. They don't have the experience of Visa processing. So, with long years of experience we also provide our students with Visa Services. We have a Japanese language school in almost all Cities inside Japan from top of Japan, Hokkaido to Kagoshima in the Down. famous cities are: Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama, Yokohama, Fukushima, Sendai, Nagoya, Toyama, Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Fukuoka, Takamatsu, Miyazaki, Kagoshima, Hokkaido

Language Classes

We the Sapporo Education offer various languages with Quality in teaching. Classes are taken by the teachers who have been already in foreign since a long time. Here at Sapporo we provides Japanese courses like (NAT,JLPT,N5,N4,N3,N2,N1) And IELTS,PTE ,SAT For Australia ,USA,UK, Canada . We have peaceful and friendly environment with well-equipped classes.

Message from Director

I will continue to make dedicated efforts to increase the effectiveness and to help the individuals and groups to study and work in foreign countries. We the Sapporo education consultancy family are happy to announce that we are the one of the leading Educational consultancy for the visa services for countries like Japan, Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom, and we have a high visa rate in every intake. I am glad to say that you have chosen us for your

Better future and career development. We offer you the various International courses like Japanese Language classes IELTS, and PTE. We are heading toward meeting your goals and expectation. Joins us and Gets the best educational experiences like never before. “We for you and you for your better future”

-Mr. Bibek Kandel

Message from Co-founder

We have Organized International Educational Exchange Programs between Various Countries We are here for you and for your future. # Sapporo’s Official in Japan Mr Madhav Paudel Continuously Supported Sapporo Education Consultancy for students who are here, and also the expert in counselling for the students and for work permits too.

Supporting Sapporo for Sustainable Development

-Mr. Madhav Paudel

Why Choose Us

Six Reasons why students choose us

High visa Rate

We have a Glorious history for high Visa rates for our Students.

Experienced Teachers

Classes are taken by teachers who has been in foreign countries for long time.

Individual Career Counseling

We care about Our students so we provide individual Carrer Counselling.

Job Placement

There is a very high chance that the students who go through us will get a job placement.

Expertise in counseling

We have Expertise in counseling, training, and coaching with long years of experience.

Friendly and peaceful Environment

You'll get the best learning and interactive environment in the town.

What our Students says

Nikisha shrestha

Student - Japan

Sapporo Education Consultancy located at Sorakhutee kathmandu is one of the best consultancy.The counselors are very caring and helpful . I have great times and got good experience with Sapporo Education Consultancy. Thank you so much to all members of the consultancy for giving me all the support and helping me to go my dream to have good study and successful Future ahead . I will highly recommend everyone to best Sapporo Education Consultancy for there dream of studying in aboard.

Unika tamang


I was scare at first before joining but after joining I learned everything easily and my Visa process was also made easy by Sapporo.

Niraj chhetri


I think the best thing about Sapporo is One to one Consultation. They are one of the best as far as I have known.

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    Head Office

    Our Head Office is Located at Sorhakhutte-16, Kathmandu, Nepal.

    Phone: +977 981-3946603 | 01-4358445


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