About Us

Our History

Professional Career Counselling & Visa Services

1993 - 2017

What we have achieved !

With years of experience we have gained the trust of students which are trying to pursue their career in abroad. With 10+ years of experience in consulting and 1000+ students served we have gained the trust of Students and parents all these years.

Why Choose Us

Six Reasons why students choose us

High visa Rate

We have a Glorious history for high Visa rates for our Students.

Experienced Teachers

Classes are taken by teachers who has been in foreign countries for long time.

Individual Career Counseling

We care about Our students so we provide individual Carrer Counselling.

Job Placement

There is a very high chance that the students who go through us will get a job placement.

Expertise in counseling

We have Expertise in counseling, training, and coaching with long years of experience.

Friendly and peaceful Environment

You'll get the best learning and interactive environment in the town.

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